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সর্ব-শেষ হাল-নাগাদ: ১১ জুলাই ২০১৯

রিসার্চ থিমস


Agricultural Research Themes:



  • Genetic Enhancement of major Crops for high yield
  • Genetic Resources and Biodiversity
  • Farm Productivity Enhancement
  • Bio-technology
  • Development of underutilized crops
  • Pest management
  • Climatic Change
  • Soils/ Water Management
  • Farm Machinery
  • Renewable energy: Solar energy
  • Unfavourable ecosystems
  • High Value Agriculture
  • Post-harvest.
  • ICT in Agriculture
  • Socio-economics



  • Livestock production and productivity
  • Livestock breeding and propagation, native species conservation and improvement
  • Feed and Nutrition
  • Livestock protection
  • Climate change adaptation
  • Safe food, Quality Control, bio security
  • Veterinary Public Health
  • Zoonotic Diseases and Control measure development
  • Livestock Waste Management
  • Socio-economics



  • Reclaiming degraded fisheries resources including biodiversity conservation
  • Fish breeding and propagation
  • Protection, conservation and management of  fisheries  genetic resources
  • Fish production  and productivity
  • Climate change adaptation
  • Fish health Management
  • Harvesting and post harvesting
  • Fish safety and quality
  • Socio economics


Broader research issues


Food and nutrient security: developing modern/high yielding/ hybrid varieties of crops, fish and animal species coupled with bio-fortified vitamins and minerals through combined conventional and bio-technological research approaches.


Adaptation to climate change: Developing climate smart technology-i.e.  Tolerant/ resistant crop, fodder, animal and fish species against drought, salinity, flood and submergence, soil acidity, temperature extremes by conventional and bio-technological approaches.


Diversification of agricultural productivity: Developing Farming System Research in specific AEZs of competitive advantage; model development for homestead farming with the inclusion of fish, livestock and high value crop species; rice-fish, fish-poultry culture and surgeon-agriculture particularly in the lower flood plains and coastal areas.


Conservation of natural resources: Naturally/man-made downing of natural resources like water, soil fertility and bio-diversity immediately needs strategic and basic research for evolving pertinent management technologies for arresting them and stable agricultural production.


Safe food and environment: Development of organic farming system in specific AEZs of competitive advantage, developing and adapting good agriculture practices (GAP); developing bio-control agents/ parasitoids/ predators for integrated pest management (IPM); developing solar energy, bio-gas plant and kits for checking adulterations for  Maximal Residual Limit (MRL).


Post harvest processing and value addition: Developing post harvest processing including supply and value chains of selective high value crops, fish and animals.


Farm machinery: Basic research for the development of low cost equipments for planting, irrigation, weeding, spraying, harvesting, storing, transportation, chilling, and use of solar energy for irrigation and farm power equipments, etc


Bio-security and bio-technology: Strategic research issues for crop, livestock and fish diseases resistance/protection measures; vaccine development for trans-boundary/viral/infectious diseases of livestock, fisheries and crops; DNA genotyping; and marker aided selection (MAS), etc.


Research-extension-farmers linkages: Research for the development of post harvest processing and value addition, farming system, organic farming, vermiculite and organic agriculture, hydroponic and other soil- less crop production system, storage of harvest, pest and water management, etc.


Note: Research providers/ entities will consult thematic areas and research issues across the agriculture sub-sectors published respectively in BARC and NATP documents “Research Priorities in Bangladesh Agriculture” and Agricultural Research Vision 2030 and beyond”; available in BARC web site www.barc.gov.bd for selecting of CRG and PBRG research agenda.